Just how customizable are sex dolls in Australia?

sex dolls in Australia

In Australia, people are discovering that sex dolls can be personalized to their liking. These dolls are becoming more popular because they offer many options for customization, from how they look to what they can do.

Customization really sets modern sex dolls in Australia apart from traditional sex dolls and blow-up dolls, and we are going to dive deep into just how much you can customize these sex dolls and how tailored the experience really gets.

Physical customization options

Physical customization options

When it comes to customizing sex dolls in Australia, you have plenty of choices to make them look just right for you. If there is a girl you have pictured in your mind, or maybe if you want to bring your fictional character to a sex doll, you can easily do that, thanks to the various customization options.

Height and body type

In the past, sex dolls more or less came in one singular form, and the only difference they had was the hair color and maybe the hairstyle. However, with new innovations, there are sex dolls that come not only with different heights but also different body types.

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You can choose how tall you want your sex doll to be and what body type she should have. Whether you want a petite model or a curvy one, all of the options are available.

Skin tone

Skin tones are not limited to what you would expect, as you can go beyond the regular skin tones that humans have. While you can go for Caucasian, Latino, Asian, Ebony, or some other skin color, you can take it to a whole other level with unique skin tones like red and blue, making sex dolls very alien-like.

Hairstyle and color

While all customizations tend to have a couple of options, when it comes to hair and the color of that hair, it by far has the most options. You can choose almost any hairstyle out there as a base, and you can pick from a plethora of colors.

The best part about hair on sex dolls in Australia is that the hairstyles are not set in stone. Since you will also receive a special brush for sex dolls, you can customize the hairstyle later on to your liking.

There is nothing more exciting than spicing it up by giving your sex doll a new hairstyle every now and then, and because they are made out of high-quality materials that feel very realistic, you will not have to worry about them falling apart.

Head style

Choosing a head style might sound a bit odd at first, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Head style refers to the type of head that the sex doll will have, and this can include all kinds of different features. While most heads will have completely different facial features, some of them might just have different mouth features.

Whether you have a specific face that you want to go with your sex doll, or if you want to put different makeup on the same face that you can swap out with ease, choosing a head style will give you those customization options.

Body painting

What makes sex dolls in Australia really stand out form the rest is the body painting, along with all the other premium features. Body painting plays a crucial role in the physical look of sex dolls, as all of the shades and details that can be added by top-tier painters make the dolls look very lifelike.

Of course, next to making the body look as real as possible, body painting can also include some other parts such as beauty marks, tattoos, makeup, freckles, and more.

Breast and asscheek customization

When it comes to sex dolls, usually what people care about the most are the breasts and the ass that the sex dolls have on them. Sex dolls in Australia offer quite a lot of customization for both areas, as not only can you choose the size of both, but you can also choose what kind of material they are filled with. The filling can create quite a significant difference, as one breast can feel realistic, while others feel like breasts with implants, or they can stay doll-like.

Functional customization features

Features and options available

Physical looks are certainly the peek of customization for sex dolls, but what really drives interest for sex toy enthusiasts are the functional customization features. These features really bring the sex dolls to life, and they can be tailored to various desires that you might have.

Body heat simulation

Interacting with a cold sex doll can be quite a mood killer, especially when you want to explore new sexual fantasies with your sex doll. However, with modern tech, sex dolls have an internal heating system that allows them to simulate body heat.

Now that sex dolls are warm to the touch, especially when it comes to private places, they feel a lot more realistic, and interacting with them in any way is more enjoyable. This can create more intimate and comfortable moments.

Vocal responses

Having dynamic and engaging interactions with sex dolls in Australia is easier than ever before, thanks to vocal systems that you can build into your customizable sex doll. Hearing a sex doll talk while you are interacting with it can bring things to another level of intimacy, and once you experience this with the rest of the features, you will not want to go back.

Material and texture customization

Material and texture customization

There is a very common problem with sex toys, and that is that you often do not know what they are made of or if your body is allergic to those materials. When it comes to sex dolls, they are made out of thermoplastic elastomer or silicone, so you know what you are getting.

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Both of these materials have their own advantages and play crucial roles in the customization of a sex doll. Thanks to these materials, texture, contours, and breast firmness can be exactly as you would expect it,  and most importantly, they are considered the safest sex toy options.


In conclusion, sex dolls in Australia offer a wealth of customization, and they can be the perfect companion for those who are looking to explore new sexual horizons and those who do not want to invest their emotions into a relationship. With the customization available, you can truly explore anything you have in mind, especially if you are creative.

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