How Do You Clean Your Sex Doll's Orifices After Use?

How Do I Clean My Sex Doll After Use? | SxDolled

How Do you Clean your Sex Doll's orifices After Use?

April 26, 2023



  • Tools To Preserve Your Sex Doll's Cleanliness & Hygiene
  • Loofah For Cleaning Her Buttocks, Vagina, And Mouth
  • Vaginal Irrigator For Cleaning Your Sex Doll's Vagina
  • Hand Shower For A More Personal Cleaning Experience
  • Squeeze Bottle: A Budget-Friendly Option
  • Final Thoughts

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An inquiry that is frequently asked is how to clean your sex doll after use, and it is an important matter that warrants a thorough explanation. Maintaining the cleanliness of your sex doll will not only prolong her lifespan, but also ensure her hygiene, cleanliness, and appeal. Fortunately, cleaning your love doll is a swift and uncomplicated process, and you can utilize a variety of straightforward and user-friendly tools to make it even more effortless.


Key Takeaways

Why and how you should clean your sex doll's orifices after every use:

1) Cleaning your sex doll after use is essential for hygiene, cleanliness, and prolonging its lifespan.

2) Use a soft loofah or light sponge to clean the buttocks, vagina, and mouth, but avoid harsh materials that may damage the doll's skin.

3) Avoid submerging the sex doll's head in water and refrain from using bleach, rubbing alcohol, boiling water, or dish soap for cleaning.

4) Use a vaginal irrigator (enema bulb) to clean the doll's vagina with warm water and antibacterial soap.

5) A hand shower can be used for a more controlled and personal cleaning experience, but be cautious not to get water inside the doll's neck to avoid damaging the skeleton.

6) For those on a budget, a squeeze bottle with a long squirting mouthpiece can be an affordable option, though it may not be as quick or efficient as a vaginal irrigator.

Tools To Preserve Your Sex Doll's Cleanliness & Hygiene

Below, we have compiled a list of tools that you can use to clean your silicone/TPE sex dolls to keep them in pristine condition. These tools are mainly intended for cleaning the areas of your sex doll that are most frequently used, such as the vagina, anus, and mouth.

Loofah For Cleaning Her Buttocks, Vagina, And Mouth

It is essential that you take good care of your love doll, especially after your intimate session. You can purchase a soft loofah with a handle for convenient cleaning of your sex doll’s anus, vagina, and mouth. Loofahs are good in that they easily remove any leftover residue from your steamy lovemaking sessions. If your sex doll is not cleaned thoroughly, over time your sex doll's skin will begin to smell and her material may become compromised in quality and condition. It is best to use a loofah first and then follow up with the vaginal irrigator to flush out any debris left inside your sex doll’s orifices.

To reiterate, ensure that you buy a soft loofah or light sponge, as harsh ones may damage your sex doll's skin. Sex doll skin is a very durable yet delicate material, so care should be given during the cleaning process. Gently pat down your doll instead of wiping to clean your sex doll as you could accidently apply too much pressure. You may also find that your sex dolls skin may become sticky after a while, a simple solution is to lightly powder some talcum powder (baby powder) all over your sex doll's body (including your sex doll's head) with a soft powder brush. 

Caution: At no point what so ever should any sex dolls head be fully submerged in water, as this can cause many external and internal damage. Furthermore, avoid: Bleach, rubbing alcohol, boiling water, and dish soap when cleaning your sex doll.

Vaginal Irrigator For Cleaning Your Sex Doll's Vagina

A vaginal irrigator, also known as an enema bulb or anal douche, is the ideal tool for cleaning your sex doll’s vagina after use. This instrument is designed to last a lifetime and can usually be utilized for many years at the very least. It is also remarkably easy to use; simply fill it with antibacterial soap and water, insert it into your sex doll’s vagina, and finally squirt out the water to clean your sex doll's vagina. For the best results, always clean your sex doll immediately after you have finished. You can use either cold water or warm water, but I always recommend warm. You can also pick up one of the many dedicated sex toy cleaners to achieve the same result.

Vaginal irrigators are widely available in e-commerce stores or pharmacies at very affordable prices. I advise you to clean your sex doll in your bathroom, where you can effortlessly drain the water. Better yet, you can clean her in the bathtub for maximum efficiency.

Check out our article "simplify sex doll vaginal cleaning with a vaginal irrigator" for more information.

Hand Shower For A More Personal Cleaning Experience

A hand shower is an excellent option for those who enjoy bathing with their sex dolls. With a hand shower, you can control the water stream and use it to clean specific parts of your sex doll. Hand showers also allow you to adjust water pressure and output types which makes cleaning even more efficient.

Caution: try not to get any water inside of your sex doll’s neck as water can corrode and rust your sex doll’s skeleton, spelling disaster in the long run.

Squeeze Bottle: A Budget-Friendly Option

If you’re on a budget, a squeeze bottle with a long squirting mouthpiece is an effective budget-friendly option to clean your sex doll. By following the same procedure as with a vaginal irrigator, you can clean your sex doll, though squeeze bottles may not be as quick or efficient as vaginal irrigators. This option is affordable and can help you save some money if you're on a budget.

Final Thoughts

Use these tools to clean your sex doll properly, quickly, and efficiently. Remember to take care of her, as she deserves to be loved, she's your darling love doll, after all. By thoroughly cleaning her after every use, you can expect to extend her lifespan for years to come and keep her looking and smelling as sexy as ever.

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