Most Practical And Effective Ways To Store Your Sex Doll

Most Practical & Effective Ways To Store Your Sex Doll | SxDolled

Most Practical & Effective Ways To Store Your Sex Doll

June 01, 2023



  • The Drawbacks of Utilizing an Unreliable Storage Solution for Your Sex Doll
  • Why You Need Proper Storage For Your Sex Doll
  • How to Store a Sex Doll: Does Positioning Of My Sex Doll’s Limbs Matter?
  • Practical Techniques to Hide and Store Your Sex Doll
  • Storage Recommendations For Special Cases
  • Final Thoughts

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Within contemporary society, a considerable amount of individuals possess love dolls, which can provide a tremendous source of stimulation and occupy one's free time. Additionally, love dolls offer significant advantages for individuals involved in long-distance relationships. Notably, sex dolls serve as a safe option for sexual activity, protecting individuals from contracting sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS and other prevalent diseases. Understanding why men worldwide opt to possess sex dolls, we will dive into the essential strategies for storing sex dolls and the crucial reasons why it is imperative to seek out appropriate storage solutions.

Key Takeaways

The most practical and efficient ways to store your sex dolls are:

1) Utilizing an unreliable storage solution for your sex doll can lead to drawbacks such as privacy issues, damages to the doll, disorganized living space, and health problems.

2) Proper storage for your sex doll is essential to promote privacy and confidentiality, prolong the doll's lifespan, and keep your room organized and clutter-free.

3) The positioning of your sex doll's limbs matters in storage to maintain her structural integrity and extend her lifespan.

4) Practical storage techniques include hanging storage, laying flat on a soft surface, using a sex doll storage case, furniture with built-in storage, storing under the bed, using a shipping crate (temporary), or keeping the doll on the bed (temporary).

5) Precautions should be taken in each storage method to ensure the safety and longevity of your sex doll.

6) Special cases like people with back injuries or disabilities and those with limited space may require specific storage solutions. Sex doll owners who love photography should consider a doll with standing feet and a storage case for easy posing and transportation.

The Drawbacks of Utilizing an Unreliable Storage Solution for Your Sex Doll

When it comes to storing your sex doll, there are various disadvantages associated with using an unreliable storage solution. The severity of these drawbacks may differ from person to person and depend on the extent of the storage default. Below are some of the most significant disadvantages of not selecting a suitable storage option for your love doll:

Hinders Privacy
Sex dolls are personal items that most people would not want others to access. People have varying opinions on the subject of sex dolls, and some may view owning one as inappropriate. To avoid any potential stigma, it's essential to choose a discreet storage option that keeps your sex doll hidden. After all, sex dolls are personal property that should not be shared with even your closest confidants.

Damages To Your Love Doll
Careless handling of your sex doll can lead to a host of problems, including damage to your sex doll's material. Storing your sex doll under your bed or in an uncovered area can be particularly problematic, as it may result in pests feeding on your sex doll's skin, as well as the development of mold and other unsightly blemishes. Your storage option should protect your sex doll from exposure to any potentially damaging agents, such as pests, chemicals, or water. Storing your sex doll in the wrong environment exposes your sex doll, then using a sex doll that has been exposed to infection causing components could cause health complications.

Disorganises Your Room
Rearranging the room and finding a suitable location for your sex doll is crucial to avoid the unsightly mess it can create, disrupting the overall appearance of your living space. You should consider the size and shape of your sex doll before selecting a storage option that keeps your room organized and clutter-free.

Health Problems
Aside from aesthetic considerations, proper sex doll preservation is critical for your health. Poor storage can cause damage, mold growth, and contamination by pests and other harmful substances to your sex doll. If your full size doll becomes infected, it might cause serious health problems, particularly in your reproductive organs. Handling your sex doll with care is essential as she comes into direct contact with your private areas, and exposure to molds or bacteria can result in serious bacterial infections.

Why You Need Proper Storage For Your Sex Doll

Given the potential risks of improper storage, it is crucial to invest in suitable storage options for your sex doll. Proper sex doll storage not only keeps your living space organized but also helps safeguard your health. With this in mind, we will focus on the four major benefits of installing proper storage for your sex doll.

Promotes Privacy and Confidentiality
A practical storage gadget for your sex doll not only keeps her safe and secure but also promotes privacy and confidentiality. The best storage accessories are designed in a way that does not reveal anything about the contents, especially when it comes to sex dolls and devices. The design should conceal the storage unit and enable users to carry and store their love dolls discreetly. It is essential to choose storage solutions that not only safeguard your love doll but also ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Prolongs the Life of Your Sex Doll
Similar to the human body, a full size doll requires proper care to last. The skin of your sex doll (TPE or silicone) is susceptible to damage, and even a minor scratch in the wrong areas can begin her deterioration. It is impossible to monitor your love doll all the time, which is why installing a reliable storage solution that keeps her safe and secure is crucial. A suitable storage option will ensure that your love doll is in good condition, prolonging her life and allowing her to serve you for an extended period.

Helps Keep Your Room Organized
Having a sex doll on display is not everyone's cup of tea, and some may hold negative opinions about them. Therefore, it is essential to keep your love doll stored away, organized, and out of sight. Installing a reliable storage method not only protects your sex doll but also keeps your room tidy and clutter-free. Fortunately, some storage methods come in beautiful and colourful designs that can enhance the general appearance of your room. It is advisable to select a storage solution that occupies minimal space in your living area.

For more on sex doll storage, check out our article "how to store your sex doll".

How to Store a Sex Doll: Does Positioning Of My Sex Doll’s Limbs Matter?

Safeguarding your health is essential when it comes to owning and using a sex doll. Proper storage is a critical aspect of ensuring your sex doll stays safe and free from contamination. This will protect you from contracting infections, bacterial diseases, and fungal infections that could harm your reproductive system. It is crucial to keep your sex doll in good condition, just like you would with your body, and choose a reliable storage option that is affordable and practical.

When it comes to storing a life-size TPE or silicone sex doll, there is no one correct method. It will depend on factors such as budget, available space, and personal preference. However, it is crucial to ensure that the storage method keeps your sex doll in a neutral position to prevent unwanted damage. This means positioning your sex doll and her limbs in the same way she came when you purchased it (in most cases this will be relatively straight, but slightly bent).

Does the position of my sex doll’s limbs matter? Yes, it does. Proper positioning of your sex doll's limbs is necessary to maintain her structural integrity. The limbs should be stored in their original position to avoid unnecessary bending or pressure that could damage your sex doll over time. By storing your sex doll correctly, you can extend her lifespan and continue enjoying her company for years to come.

Practical Techniques to Hide and Store Your Sex Doll

1) Hanging Storage

Hanging your sex doll while keeping her limbs in a neutral position is one of the most practical ways to store her. You can easily hang your sex doll in your closet, on hanging racks, or on a wall mount, which are affordable and convenient storage options.

If you have a closet, you can easily hang your sex doll in it, irrespective of its size and weight (just make sure your closet bars can handle your sex dolls weight). This is an affordable and secure way to store your sex doll, and it also helps to avoid any structural disfigurements and damages. Hanging closet hook kits are relatively cheap, and you can easily add one to your purchase for less than $100 from most sex doll stores.

2) Laying Flat

Storing your sex doll laying down flat on a soft surface is another optimal storage option. Use pillows or soft cushions to support your sex doll's limbs and natural curvature to remove any unnecessary pressure and prevent indentation.

3) Doll Stand-up Feet

Investing in a standing feet option for your sex doll is an excellent choice, however, it is a misconception that if you don't have any other storage arrangements available that these can be used for storage. These feet are an additional add-on, usually for less than $100, and should not be used to stand your sex doll in your closet or a corner of your room. Standing sex doll feet does not help to avoid any unwanted pressure on the skeleton joints and her back but in actual fact adds more pressure if this storage method is utilised for long periods of time.

Precautions to Consider When Storing Sex Dolls In The Closet

Avoid using your sex doll as a “hanger” or another means to hang your clothes, as this adds unwanted weight and may stain your sex doll’s skin. For added protection, you should cover your sex doll with a lightweight cotton cloth or a slim blanket.

Additionally, you can choose to keep your closet locked to avoid any unwanted access to your sex doll.

4) Using A Sex Doll Storage Case

Using a sex doll storage case is the safest way to store your sex doll as it offers optimal padding and protection from external damage. However, the cost of a storage case may not always be feasible for many sex doll owners as it can be expensive, in most cases ranging from $650 to $800 USD.

Investing in a storage case is recommended if your budget permits, as it can add years to your love doll's life. Additionally, a sex doll storage box can also serve as a safe travel case if you need to move or transport your sex doll. Once you've picked up a suitable storage container, you can then also consider keeping the box in a separate room that people rarely go into to keep it away from prying eyes. 

Precautions When Storing In A Case

When using a storage case for your sex doll, there are a few precautions you should keep in mind to ensure the safety of your realistic doll:

• Carry and place your sex doll gently into the case to avoid any damage.

• Be careful not to let your sex doll's skin come into contact with the outer hard covering of the storage cabinet.

• Place your sex doll in its neutral position with a slight bending of its limbs to avoid any disfigurement.

• If you find it difficult to adjust your sex doll inside the case, it is recommended to record the unpacking process when you first receive your sex doll and case to use as a guide for later storage.

• In most cases, you won't need to cover your sex doll when stored in a case. Simply close the lid securely.

5) Furniture With In-built Storage

If you prefer to keep your sex doll out of sight but don't want to invest in a dedicated storage case, you can use furniture with in-built storage, such as a bench or couch. Many sex doll owners opt for benches with storage boxes to safely store their TPE or silicone sex dolls. If you don't have one, you can find affordable options online or in your local marketplace. A bench with a soft cushion can double as a comfortable seat and a discreet storage option.

On another hand, if you have basic woodworking skills, you can also consider building your own storage bench with tutorials available online.

On a different note, it’s important to follow the recommended procedures of storing your sex doll laying down when storing your sex doll in any horizontal position. To put it simply, use pillows or cushions to support your sex doll to prevent any indentations.

Precautions When Using A Storage Bench

When using a bench for storage, it is important to take the following precautions:

• Be very careful when placing your sex doll inside the storage bench, as it is not cushioned like a dedicated storage case.

• Use soft foam paddings, such as pillows or cushions, for the floor of the bench, and place soft cloths around your sex doll to avoid any abrasion.

• Ensure that the clothes do not lose their colour or affect the sex doll's skin.

6) Storing Sex Doll Under the Bed

Storing your sex doll under the bed can be a convenient and discreet option, but certain precautions need to be taken to ensure her safety and longevity. I do not recommend just blindly throwing your sex doll under your bed.

7) Precautions When Hiding Your Sex Doll Under Your Bed

Make sure to place some soft cushions or foam padding to protect your sex doll's figure and back from getting distorted and indented over time on your hard floor. Next, cover your sex doll with a light blanket or protective covering sheet to keep her safe from germs, pests, and dust. Furthermore, it's important to regularly check on your sex doll if you keep her under the bed for long periods of time. Lastly, avoid storing sharp items under your bed, and always ensure your sex doll's limbs are in their neutral but slightly bent position.

8) Bed Storage Box

If your bed has ample space, using a bed storage box could be a potential option for you to store your sex doll safely instead of having to store her lying on your hard floor without proper padding.

9) Storing Your Sex Doll In A Shipping Crate

If you don't have any immediate storage options for your sex doll, the shipping box that your sex doll came in can be a temporary solution. However, keep in mind that this option does not provide optimal padding or protection for your sex doll and should not be used for prolonged periods.

Overall, it's important to take precautions and care for your sex doll when storing her to ensure her longevity and maintain her structural integrity.

Using a shipping box to store your sex doll is a temporary solution and should not be used for extended periods. Due to limited padding options, it is important to wrap your sex doll in a soft blanket to prevent damage and use pillows or cushions to support her natural curvature. Always place your sex doll in her neutral position, and ensure that the box is not torn or damaged in any way. It is also crucial to keep the shipping box away from wet floors to avoid potential water damage.

When taking her out of the shipping box, be gentle and mindful not to pull her out with too much force.

10) Keeping Your Sex Doll On Your Bed

Whilst not the most effective method, keeping your sex doll on your bed can be convenient. You can hide her under your blankets to avoid unwanted attention. However, it is important to note that this method is not recommended for long-term storage. It can be useful for people who find it challenging to lift and move their heavy sex dolls, but this storage method could also lead to indentation.

When using this method, make sure to keep your sex doll in a slightly bent position and avoid any twisting of her limbs or neck. Also, ensure that anything contacting your sex doll (for example, clothes and your blanket) are not going to stain her skin. Do not bring any sharp objects to your bed and keep items that have the possibility of ink or colour leakage away from your sex doll.

Storage Recommendations For Special Cases

People With Back Injury And Disability

For people with back injuries or disabilities, it is recommended to keep their sex doll as close to them as possible. Keeping it under the bed or on the bed can be convenient for easy access. However, it is advisable to store it when not in use for more than two days in a row. However, moving their sex doll can be tricky, especially if she’s heavy. Make sure you use proper lifting techniques when moving your sex doll around to prevent back strain.

Doll Owners With Limited Space

If you have limited space, it is best to utilize existing furniture for storage. A bed with a box or storage space underneath can be used to create a safe storage area for your sex doll. If you purchase a sex doll storage case, slide it under your bed to avoid taking up precious floor space. However, always work to prevent excessive pressure on your sex doll, utilise pillows or cushions to prevent indentation.

Doll Owners Who Love Photography

For sex doll owners who enjoy taking photographs of their sex dolls, consider purchasing a sex doll with standing feet and a sex doll storage case. This will allow you to photograph your sex doll in standing poses without having to depend on a wall or vertical structures to keep your sex doll upright. Furthermore, the storage case will make for easy transportation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, storing your sex doll properly is essential for maintaining your privacy, protecting her quality, and ensuring your own health and safety. Utilizing reliable and practical storage options offers numerous benefits, including promoting privacy, prolonging the lifespan of your sex doll, and keeping your living space organized. By following recommended techniques such as hanging storage, laying flat with support, using a storage case, or incorporating furniture with built-in storage, you can effectively store your sex doll while maintaining her structural integrity. Additionally, considering precautions like proper positioning, avoiding contact with harmful materials, and regular maintenance will further enhance the longevity of your sex doll. Remember, investing in suitable storage solutions not only protects your sex dolls but also preserves your own enjoyment and satisfaction for years to come.

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