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PocketPussy - Kora (Diagonal View)

Kora | Pocket Pussy


*Any purchase of a pocket pussy with us includes a 5ml lubricant sachet to get you going for FREE!








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Kora Pocket Pussy | SxDolled


Pocket Pussy






Vagina & Anus



Total Dimensions

15 x 9 x 8cm

Insertable Length

12cm (4.7" Vagina), 14cm (5.5" Anus)



Body Safe

Yes (Phthalate Free & Latex Free)

Lube Safe

Yes (Water-Based Lube)


Enhanced solo & partnered play 

Kora has a soft lifelike vagina and is adorned with a petite penetrable anus. Inside her lovely lips you'll experience an array of stimulating textured grooves, nubs and ribbing textures that provide just the right amount of firmness for a better than real experience. Need her tighter? Kora’s ultra-tight and uniquely textured anus offers you added mind-blowing sensations and stimulation. Designed with high-quality materials and a superior attention to detail, Kora always delivers on physical stimulation and visual enjoyment.

The phthalate-free material and design mimics the feel and look of real skin as she wraps tightly around every inch of your penis, delivering the most pleasurable solo session you’ve ever had.

Note: Always use plenty of lube for easy insertion and maximum comfort and pleasure (use without lube may damage and cause tearing).

Kora is best used with a water-based lubricant for the most pleasurable and authentic experience.

Cleaning: Before use, clean with warm soapy water and pat dry with a soft towel.

After each use clean immediately, use a warm soapy water solution to wash out your pocket pussy. Then, gently pat with a soft towel or allow to air dry, before applying a coat of baby powder or cornstarch to ensure Kora's longevity.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and avoid leaving your pocket pussy touching any other rubber or silicone products.

Why SxDolled?

1. Where high-quality meets affordability

We focus on creating the perfect mix between quality, price, and design to provide a unique, affordable and sensual experience for you.

2. Baddies-Free

Our pocket pussies (and all our other products) are phthalate and latex free, additives often found in other sex toys but are harmful to your health.

3. Realistic

Our pocket pussies feature stimulating and unique ribbed internal textures that provide just the right amount of firmness for a better than real experience.

4. Make our products your own

Our products allow you to level up your solo (or partnered) play at whatever level you may be at right now. 

Whether you're just getting into adult products or you're a seasoned veteran looking for ways to spice it up, pick up one of our pocket pussies today!
Kora Pocket Pussy | SxDolled
Kora Pocket Pussy | SxDolled

For a Pleasurable Future

At SxDolled, it all started with a vision: we aim to pound the taboo around sex and sex dolls and create a luxurious yet comfortable online space where individuals of all sexualities can feel confident in purchasing whatever they damn well please.

That’s why SxDolled was created, you are always getting screwed (not in the good way) over. Enough is enough – you deserve better.

Whether you're going at it solo or spicing it up with a partner, SxDolled has the perfect selection of sex dolls to satisfy your lingering sexual urges.

Regardless of your experience in the bedroom, we guarantee we will have the perfect sex doll and accompanying accessories to bring your game to the next level!

And if we don't... we will customise a sex doll especially for you!


People Usually Ask

1. How is my pocket pussy packaged?

All SxDolled products are packaged discreetly with no identifying markings 📦 

2. Will it fit my (insert number here) inch penis?

Our pocket pussies are feature a range of different sizes and they are made to fit any size.

The material stretches, so when you penetrate the hole, it expands to surround your erection with the same feel regardless of whether your dick is thin or wide, short or long, big or small. Using a pocket pussy is universal for all men 🍆

2. The insertable length is 5", so my 6" penis won't fit?

When you read our product descriptions, we list the insertable length (the length of the penetrable tunnel).

Now if you have a 6" penis with a pocket pussy with 5" of insertable length, the question arises will that 1 inch be left out? No. Why not? As you thrust, the pocket pussy's material stretches outward in your hand, elongating the tunnel 🤯

4. Is it overpriced?

Crickey, we promise you our pocket pussies are worth every penny. With us, gone are the days of using your hand, in with the days filled with satisfaction.

Our products are designed to last and keep you satisfied whether it be the first or hundredth time.

Once you insert into our pocket pussies, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about 😉 

5. How long does delivery usually take?

Australia wide standard delivery usually takes around 3-5 business days, whilst express delivery usually takes around 1-3 days (all estimates are provide by AusPost). 

You will also be provided with a tracking number upon your packages dispatch.