Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll

Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll


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  • 1x Sex Doll
  • 1x Wig (where applicable)
  • 1x Comb
  • 1x Heating Rod
  • 1x Vaginal Irrigator
  • 1x Lingerie
  • 1x Storage Bag
  • 1x User Manual
  • 2x Drying Sticks
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Introducing the exquisite Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) sex doll. This sophisticated figure is designed to captivate, with impeccably crafted curves and lifelike facial features that lend it an aura of desirability. Enjoy a surreal experience with this luxurious love doll, combining artful elegance and sensual pleasures for a truly sumptuous experience.


Carton Weight (KG) 63.0
Carton Size 150*42*35
Net Weight (KG) 45
Shoulder Width 37.5cm
Full Bust 95cm
Under Bust 63.5cm
Waist 58cm
Hips 105cm
Arm Length 62.5cm
Leg Length 71cm
Calf Circum 38.5cm
Thigh Circum 60cm

Anal Depth


Vaginal Depth


Oral Depth



Sex Doll


IronTech Doll


High Quality TPE 


Anal, Oral & Vaginal

Body Safe


Lube Safe

Yes (We Recommend Water-Based Lubes)



About IRONTech doll
IronTech Dolls exhibit exceptional design distinguished by meticulous attention to detail, resulting in an impeccable final products. They undeniably rank among the finest sex dolls in the industry, showcasing remarkable characteristics and unparalleled beauty that sets them apart.

IronTech Dolls establish a benchmark for excellence. These sex dolls are meticulously crafted from premium-grade medical silicone, TPE, or a combination thereof, with every aspect of their design carefully honed to achieve a masterpiece. You can easily obtain this exquisite beauty with just a few simple clicks!

A noteworthy attribute of IronTech Doll is their fully posable metal skeletons, which provides both strength and flexibility, enabling a wide range of movements. The hands, wrists, feet, and knees are equipped with high-quality joints, ensuring seamless and fluid motions
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📦 Your doll will be discreetly packaged in a plain brown and unlabeled box.
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll - SxDolled - Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll
Monique (I-Cup) (158cm) | Sex Doll
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At SxDolled, it all started with a vision: we aim to pound the taboo around sex and sex dolls and create a luxurious yet comfortable online space where individuals of all sexualities can feel confident in purchasing whatever they damn well please. 

That’s why SxDolled was created, you are always getting screwed (not in the good way) over. Enough is enough – you deserve better.

Whether you're going at it solo or spicing it up with a partner, SxDolled has the perfect selection of sex dolls to satisfy your lingering sexual urges. 

Regardless of your experience in the bedroom, we guarantee we will have the perfect sex doll and accompanying accessories to bring your game to the next level!

And if we don't... we will customise a sex doll especially for you!

Order Process

From the moment you enter into our store, we make it our mission to provide you with the most professional products, services, and support possible. Our team manages the entire process with great care.

In summation, the ordering process goes pretty much like this:

1. You Select/Customize Your Doll

2. You Will Receive Order Confirmation From Our Team

3. Your Doll Will Be Made To Order (this can range anywhere from 1-3 weeks)

4. Finishing touches - our team of talented makeup artists use real cosmetics to give her a stunning, lifelike appearance. She's getting ready for you!

5. Confirmation - pictures will be sent to you for confirmation, and finally, your doll is carefully packaged for shipping.

6. After she’s all packaged up, she'll make her way to you. You can track her location using the tracking code we provide (this can range anywhere from 1-3 weeks).

7. Your doll arrives quietly and discreetly at your designated location. From there, she's all yours to enjoy!

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1. How is my sex doll packaged?

Your sex doll's hands, feet and head will be carefully wrapped in foam. Then we wrap a protective bag around her body, finally we place her inside a custom made protective polystyrene foam placed in a standard cardboard shipping box. 

All our sex dolls are packaged discreetly with no identifying markings 📦 

2. Will my (insert number here) inch penis fit?

Our sex dolls feature a range of different sizes and depths and are made to fit any sized dong.

Her material is made to stretch, so when you penetrate her holes she will expand to grip every inch of your erection with the perfect level of firmness regardless of whether your dick is thin or wide, short or long, big or small. Our sex dolls are universal to all men 🍆

3. The insertable length is 5", so my 6" penis won't fit?

When you read our product descriptions, we list the insertable length (the length of the penetrable tunnel).

Now if you have a 6" penis with a toy that has a 5" insertable length, the question arises will that 1 inch be left out? 

No. Why not? As you thrust, your toy's material stretches elongating the penetrable tunnel 🤯

4. How is my sex doll shipped?

Majority of our sex dolls are shipped with UPS or FedEx direct to you door, fully tracked and insured. 

5. Which countries do you ship to?

We ship globally to any country we are legally allowed to ship to. 

Countries that we do NOT ship to includes: South America, The Middle East, Africa, India and Southern Asia.

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