Sex Robots Could Very Well Supplement A Marriage Says A UBC Professor

Sex Robots Could Very Well Supplement A Marriage Says A UBC Professor | SxDolled

Sex Robots Could Very Well Supplement A Marriage Says A UBC Professor

May 27, 2023



  • Analysis Adshade’s Views
  • Final Thoughts

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The Economics professor, Marina Adshade, delves into the evolving nature of modern-day marriages in her book, "Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications." She suggests that a sex robot could potentially enhance a couple's married life by reorienting the focus from sex to love, which may alleviate the mounting demands placed on marriages in contemporary times. Adshade points out that the want for everlasting romance and an intense and prolonged sex life could be overwhelming and potentially suffocating for couples. However, she believes that the incorporation of a sex robot or sex doll in a marriage could alleviate concerns about sexual compatibility and allow couples to focus on other aspects of their lives, such as raising a family. Adshade also dismisses concerns about humans isolating themselves from one another by engaging with robots, asserting that socializing with humans and interacting with robots are distinct activities. Ultimately, she suggests that sex robots could modify the traditional concept of marriage and usher in a unique future for the wider community.

Analysis Adshade’s Views

Adshade argues that the pursuit of everlasting romance and a constantly intense and fulfilling sex life can become overwhelming and suffocating for couples. By incorporating a sex robot or sex doll into a marriage, concerns about sexual compatibility can be addressed, allowing couples to redirect their energy towards other aspects of their lives, such as building a family or pursuing shared goals.

Furthermore, Adshade dismisses the notion that humans engaging with robots would isolate themselves from one another. She emphasizes that socializing with humans and interacting with robots are distinct activities, suggesting that the integration of sex robots or sex dolls would not hinder human-to-human relationships.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Marina Adshade, an Economics professor at UBC, presents a thought-provoking perspective on the evolving nature of marriages in the modern world. In her book, "Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications," she proposes that sex robots have the potential to supplement marriages by shifting the focus from sex to love, thereby relieving the mounting pressures placed on couples in contemporary times.

Overall, Adshade's viewpoint challenges traditional notions of marriage and offers a glimpse into a future where sex robots play a role in redefining the institution. While her arguments provoke debate and raise ethical and social considerations, they encourage us to reflect on how technology can potentially impact our relationships and the evolving dynamics of human connection.

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