Are Pocket Pussies Good?

Are pocket pussies good? | SxDolled

Are Pocket Pussies Good? 

May 03, 2022



  • How Close to A Real Vagina Does A Pocket Pussy Feel?
  • Why Pocket Pussies Are So Good
  • Why Pocket Pussies Are Great
            - 1) They're Affordable 
    2) They Last Indefinitely
    3) Always Ready to Mingle
    4) Live Your Fantasies
    5) New Sensations
    6) Stamina Training
    7) They're Discrete
    8) They're Portable
    9) They Come In Various Styles
    10) Cleaning Can Be Easy
  • Final Thoughts

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all looked at a pocket pussy before and gone “I wonder how that feels?

Male masturbators, such as the pocket pussy (also known as a stroker, masturbation sleeve and sometimes mistaken for a fleshlight), are growing more and more popular in current times.

Are pocket pussies good? YES!

Pocket pussies can often provide better stimulation and more explosive orgasms than actual pussy!

Sure, it might take a bit of time to find your groove, it might even feel a bit awkward, and you might feel you’re not getting anything out of your pocket pussy. However, after using it a few more times you’ll find that you are starting to enjoy it more and more with every use as you learn what moves, sensations and positions help bring the most pleasure to you.

You'll soon discover why pocket pussies are one of the best sex toys in the male sex toy industry.

How Close to A Real Vagina Does A Pocket Pussy Feel?

This is a hard question to answer as it doesn’t really have any one single answer.

There are a number of factors that can influence the sensations produced by your pocket pussy.

These factors include: 

  • It’s Material
  • Its Internal chamber design
  • It’s tightness
  • The amount and type of lubricant you use with your pocket pussy
  • The temperature of your pocket pussy

Let’s put it this way, someone once described a pocket pussy like this,

  • “In a way, it is like superhuman sex. And I am not using hyperbole. I mean exactly what I am saying. It is somehow beyond human sex yet not what you'd experience during real sex.”

Why Pocket Pussies Are So Good

Using your hand for the 1376th time can really get a little same-old, no matter the level of experience and skill.

Do pocket pussies feel good? Hard Yes!

Don’t get confused, although the term ‘pocket pussy’ implies a pussy, or vagina, there are a ton of variations out there mainly consisting of mimicking vaginal, oral and anal sex. Therefore, if you’re into a super-realistic vagina, tight anal sensations, or visually appealing lips (sometimes even with a tongue!) then a pocket pussy is for you. Some of these sex toys don’t even resemble any lifelike features at all if you’re more into that.

There are even pocket pussies that are modelled after famous porn stars like Riley Reid! 

If it's more your style, you could even pick up a vibrating pocket pussy or one that has heating features to add extra stimulation and realism to your satisfaction, talk about pleasure!

What makes a fake pussy truly unique are its textured internal chambers which provides a unique level of intense stimulation, as you’d get with different vaginas. Closed-ended pocket pussies especially allow for natural suction to build as you stroke providing you with an increasing level of tightness.

For maximum pleasure always use a high quality water-based lubricant. Lots of lube removes unwanted friction and helps in protecting your pocket pussy’s longevity.

Why Pocket Pussies Are Great

Now that you know why these sex toys are so good, let’s outline why they’re great!

1) They’re Affordable

Are pocket pussies worth it? 

Quality pocket pussies really don’t cost that much. You’ll be able to get a good pocket pussy that you’ll enjoy for years to come without even breaking the bank. It’s true, with the right maintenance and care, your sex toy could last indefinitely.

Be careful not to purchase a cheap pocket pussy however, as the cheap pocket pussies won't be worth your money, you'll definitely want to pick a high quality pocket pussy (don't worry these aren't even that expensive).

Many pocket pussies can start at $19aud and can get as high as $189aud. Though, don't be the kind of consumer who assumes that the most expensive pocket pussy is the best one.

Some people even purchase a few different types of these sex toys, so they have the option to switch between them when the mood strikes.

Here's a quote from an extremely satisfied customer;

  • It is one of the greatest experiences your penis can have outside of an actual vagina. And for this, the price is negligible.

2) They last indefinitely

Just to drill it in once more, with proper care and maintenance a pocket pussy can last an indefinite amount of time!

While other sex toys aren’t built to last and others such as the “masturbation egg” are only meant for one-time use, a pocket pussy can be washed and reused indefinitely.

Essentially, the small investment you make to purchase a pocket pussy now can bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

3) Always Ready to Mingle

Partner never in the mood?

Your pocket pussy is always in the mood, and it can be “go time” in an instant, better yet, your sex toy doesn’t even need any foreplay!

Pocket pussies don’t need batteries or chargers. They’re always ready and won’t stop when you’re about to ejaculate.

4) Live Your Fantasies

Have a few kinks or fantasies you’re not ready to express to your partner? No worries! A realistic pocket pussy is a great steppingstone to act out and introduce your fantasies to your sex life and provide you with the courage (through experience) to one day express those fantasies to your partner.

You could pick up a pocket pussy shaped as a woman's vagina, anus or mouth, some pocket pussies even come with multiple orifices for you to live out your vaginal, anal and oral deep throat sex fantasies.

I recommend rolling your pocket pussy up in a towel and sandwiching it between cushions for a hands free, vigorous and primal thrusting sexual experience.


5) New Sensations

Want to try something new like temperature play?

You can do it easily with a pocket pussy!

Pocket pussies are versatile and can be warmed or cooled for you to experience different levels of temperature plays. You could even bring your experience to the bedroom when you’re ready.

Another factor which affects how real a pocket pussy feels is how the sleeve inside is designed. A actual vagina contains both smooth and rigid sections. The variations in texture in a real woman are some of the most important things that stimulate your penis during penetrative sex.

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence? The increased sensitivity found in a realistic pocket pussy can be a fantastic way to overcome these problems.

There are limitless possibilities when you don’t have to focus on pleasuring your partner, you could experiment with more intense or slowed thrusting or more/less friction with increased grip and lube. If you want a more detailed article on how to get the most out of using your sex toy, check out our article on “how to use a pocket pussy”.

Pocket pussies do feel quite good and yes, similar to what a real pussy feels like. 

6) Stamina Training

Bust a little earlier than you’d like?

Don’t worry!

Pocket pussies are a great stamina training unit to add to your arsenal of sex toys.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation you can use a pocket pussy as a training tool to help last longer before ejaculating.

Use a pocket pussy to test out and experiment with different strokes and speeds to help you last longer in the bedroom.

The increase in stamina alone is why most people say these male sex toys are so great.

7) They’re Discrete

It’s okay if you don’t want anyone else to know you have a male sex toy (although it’s nothing to be ashamed of!).

Most pocket pussies are small enough that you can easily toss them into a drawer or into a box leaving anyone you’re living with none the wiser. If you want a more detailed article on, “hiding your pocket pussy” check out our other article on that very topic.

Better yet, they’re quiet. So, you could use your pocket pussy in the room right next door to yours without a peep going through the walls (unless it’s from you) keeping your little secret between you and your pocket vagina.

8) They’re Portable

Move around a lot?

Pocket pussies are completely portable!

They take up hardly any room at all in your luggage and they’re always up for a trip to orgasmville.

9) They come in various styles

As previously mentioned, the best pocket pussies come in a wide variety of colours, feelings, forms, shapes, and styles. So, whether you’re into tight anal sensations or a more unique pocket pussy there will always be one for you. 

10) Cleaning can be easy

Keeping your pocket pussy clean is essential!

Since most of these sex toys don’t have moving parts, they’re very easy to clean. All you need to do is use water, yes water to wash out the water-based lube you used with your pocket pussy. This is because water-based lubes are water-soluble and therefore are really easy to clean off with just water. If you’d like you could even use a touch of mild soap, or you can purchase a sex toy cleaner for added cleanliness but be careful not to use anything oil based, especially the soap.

Silicone pocket pussies can be more expensive than those made of other materials, but they're non-porous hence are a little easier to clean. However, a silicone pocket pussy does not feel as good as other sex toy materials.

After it’s dried simply store it away in a clean and dust-free location such as a box or even the bag your pocket pussy came in.

For a more detailed article on cleaning your pocket pussy, check out our article on how to clean a pocket pussy.

Final Thoughts

So, are pocket pussies good? Yes, a resounding yes. Great even. The only downside are that pocket pussies feels too good, you'll be finished before you even know it!

While any good sex toy is a reasonable investment, in actuality, pocket pussies really don't cost that much. So, you will be able to get a good pocket pussy that you really enjoy without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to experience it for the first time or take things to the next level pocket pussies are always a staple go-to.

A new pocket pussy may very well be the best thing you ever did for your own sexual pleasure.

Where can I buy a pocket pussy, or how do I make one?

We've got you covered, has some of the top rated pocket pussies, sex doll torsos and sex dolls across Australia, even the world.

Any more questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below and share this article on your socials.

Want to see us stock a specific type of pocket pussy? Contact us and let us know!

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