10 More Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Dolls

10 More Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Dolls | SxDolled

10 More Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Dolls

july 30, 2023



  • Question 1: Why Are Modern Sex Dolls So Expensive?
  • Question 2: What’s The Difference Between Silicone & TPE Sex Dolls?
  • Question 3: How To Properly Take Care of Your Sex Doll?
  • Question 4: How To Clean Your Sex Doll?
  • Question 5: How To Avoid Damaging Your Sex Doll?
  • Question 6: How To Change Your Sex Doll’s Appearance?
  • Question 7: Can You Take Your Sex Doll Swimming?
  • Question 8: What Are Some Of The Best Sites To Buy Sex Dolls From?
  • Question 9: What To Look For When Buying a Sex Doll For The First Time?
  • Question 10: How To Safely Get Rid Of Old Sex Dolls?
  • Final Thoughts

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In today's digital era, where information is readily available at our fingertips, finding in-depth and reliable information about sex dolls can be surprisingly challenging. While forums can provide some useful insights, they often lack organization and coherence, making it difficult to follow the discussions. Furthermore, forums can veer into unusual or uncomfortable topics. To address this issue, our blog strives to be a reputable source that offers comprehensive information on sex dolls. In this article, we have compiled and answered ten more of the most frequently asked questions about sex dolls.

Key Takeaways

10 more of your frequently asked questions about sex dolls, answered:

1) Modern sex dolls are expensive due to intricate craftsmanship, premium materials, and advanced technology used in their creation.

2) Silicone sex dolls offer durability and realism, while TPE sex dolls provide a softer texture and are more affordable.

3) Proper care of sex dolls involves gentle handling, regular cleaning, and appropriate storage to ensure longevity and hygiene.

4) Cleaning your sex doll requires the use of non-abrasive products and tools to avoid damage.

5) To avoid damaging your sex doll, prevent exposure to extreme heat, use compatible lubricants, and handle her gently.

6) Changing your sex doll's appearance can be achieved through wig and makeup experimentation, as well as varied clothing styles.

7) While you can bathe with your sex doll, avoid submerging her head and be cautious with water temperature and salt exposure.

8) When buying a sex doll, choose reputable vendors with transparent shipping and return policies, and consider customer reviews.

9) Consider materials, size, weight, and customization options when purchasing a sex doll for the first time.

10) For ethical disposal, consider selling, donating, or recycling your old sex doll to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Question 1: Why Are Modern Sex Dolls So Expensive?

Modern realistic sex dolls differ significantly from traditional inflatable dolls, and their higher price tag reflects the intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail involved. Creating a modern realistic sex doll from scratch is a labor-intensive process that requires expertise and a considerable amount of time. These dolls are designed to be incredibly lifelike, both in appearance and feel. They are equipped with a metal skeleton that provides flexibility, allowing them to be posed in various different positions with minimal effort. Additionally, the high quality materials used for the doll's skin are carefully selected to closely resemble human skin. Manufacturers often combine expensive raw materials, and the creation of a modern sex doll may involve multiple materials. This is where cheaper dolls fall short.

Crafting the head and face of the doll requires exceptional skill and can take several hours to complete. Skilled artisans meticulously sculpt and paint facial features, aiming to achieve a level of realism that mimics human expressions and emotions. The hair, eyes, and eyelashes are also carefully designed and attached by hand, further adding to the realism. The process of creating lifelike hair alone can be time-consuming and costly.

Moreover, modern sex dolls offer a variety of customizable options, allowing buyers to select specific body shapes, features, and even clothing. The customization process requires skilled designers and engineers to create molds and patterns for each unique component. This level of personalization ensures that each doll is tailored to the buyer's preferences, but it also contributes to the higher price point.

Beyond the physical aspects, manufacturers invest in research and development to continually improve the technology behind these dolls. Some high-end models may include advanced features such as built-in heating elements to simulate body warmth or AI-powered responses to enhance the user experience. These technological advancements come with added costs, further justifying the premium price of modern sex dolls.

TLDR: The higher cost of modern sex dolls is a result of the intricate craftsmanship, the use of premium materials, and the cutting-edge technology involved in their creation. The manufacturers' dedication to achieving a lifelike appearance and a heightened sense of realism, combined with the ability to customize each doll to the buyer's desires, all contribute to the exceptional quality and pleasure that modern sex dolls offer. While the initial investment may be significant, those who opt for these premium dolls often find the experience worth the price, as they gain a companion that closely resembles a human partner and fulfills their intimate needs and desires.

Learn more on the cost of sex dolls from our article "sex doll price guide. how much does a sex doll cost?".

Question 2: What’s The Difference Between Silicone & TPE Sex Dolls?

Silicone and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) are the two primary materials used in the production of sex dolls, each offering unique properties that cater to different preferences and budgets. Silicone sex dolls are highly regarded for their exceptional quality and durability. Silicone is a safe material for human contact, making it a popular choice for sex doll manufacturing. These dolls have a sturdy and realistic feel, closely mimicking the touch and texture of human skin. The weight of silicone sex dolls adds to their lifelike presence, providing a more substantial and authentic experience during use. Another advantage of silicone dolls is their resistance to damage, making them less prone to wear and tear, even with rough handling.

Additionally, silicone sex dolls are known for their excellent heat resistance. They can withstand higher temperatures without losing their shape or integrity. This feature allows users to engage in temperature play, where the doll can be warmed to create a more realistic and comfortable experience. However, the premium quality of silicone comes at a cost, making these dolls (generally) more expensive compared to TPE alternatives.

On the other hand, TPE sex dolls offer a softer and more flexible texture, which closely resembles human skin's suppleness. This material combines the elasticity of thermoset rubber with the processing efficiency of plastics, resulting in a more malleable and poseable doll. TPE dolls tend to be lighter in weight, making them easier to move and handle. The softness of TPE also contributes to a more huggable and comfortable embrace during intimate interactions.

One of the significant advantages of TPE sex dolls is their affordability. The lower cost of materials used in TPE manufacturing allows for a more budget-friendly price range, making them accessible to a broader audience. However, it's essential to be cautious with TPE dolls when it comes to heat exposure. They are more susceptible to damage and deformation if exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. It's advisable to avoid exposing TPE dolls to direct sunlight or placing them near heat sources to prevent potential harm.

TLDR: Silicone and TPE sex dolls each have their own set of advantages and considerations. Silicone sex dolls offer superior quality, safety, and durability, but they come at a higher price point. On the other hand, TPE sex dolls are more affordable and have a softer, more flexible texture, but they require careful handling to avoid damage, especially from heat exposure. Ultimately, the choice between a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, and the desired level of realism and quality sought by the user.

For a more detailed comparison, check out "choosing a sex doll: TPE vs silicone".

Question 3: How To Properly Take Care of Your Sex Doll?

If you are a first-time sex doll owner, understanding how to properly care for your doll can be a bit challenging initially. However, with time and practice, you will become more accustomed to handling and maintaining your doll. The key is to avoid actions that could cause external or internal damage. First and foremost, always handle your sex doll with care and gentleness. Avoid putting excessive pressure on joints and limbs when posing or changing positions, as this could lead to wear and tear over time. When moving or dressing your doll, support her body properly to prevent any strain on the joints.

Proper cleaning is crucial to maintain the hygiene and appearance of your sex doll. After each use, it's essential to clean her thoroughly. Use a mild, non-abrasive soap or a dedicated sex doll cleaner, along with warm water, to gently wash her entire body. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they may damage the doll's skin. Pay particular attention to sensitive areas like the mouth, anus, and genitals, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned and dried. After cleaning, lightly powder the doll's skin with talcum powder or cornstarch to keep it soft and prevent stickiness.

Storage is another vital aspect of sex doll care. When not in use, store your doll in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. It's best to keep her in a laying or seated position, rather than standing, as prolonged standing may put stress on the feet and could cause deformities over time. Many sex doll owners use a dedicated storage container or a large bag to protect the doll from dust and other potential contaminants.

Additionally, regular maintenance is essential for your sex doll's longevity. Inspect her body periodically for any signs of damage, such as tears or cuts in the material. If you notice any issues, address them promptly to prevent further deterioration. Keep her skin moisturized with a silicone-friendly lubricant or baby oil to maintain its softness and prevent dryness.

By following these guidelines and being attentive to your sex doll's care, you can ensure that she remains in excellent condition for a long time. Proper maintenance will not only preserve her appearance and feel but also enhance your overall experience and enjoyment with your beloved companion.

TLDR: Taking proper care of your sex doll is essential to ensure its longevity and maintain its quality over time. By handling your doll with gentleness, avoiding excessive pressure on joints, and supporting her body during movements, you can prevent potential wear and tear. Regular and thorough cleaning with mild, non-abrasive products and proper drying will maintain the doll's hygiene and appearance. Storing your doll in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures will further protect her from damage. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to any signs of wear or damage will also contribute to the doll's overall longevity and enhance your experience with this cherished companion. With a little care and attention, your sex doll can provide years of companionship and enjoyment.

Question 4: How To Clean Your Sex Doll?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital for the hygiene and longevity of your sex doll. To effectively clean hard-to-reach areas and prevent unpleasant odors and bacterial growth, it is recommended to have a few tools on hand. These tools include an antibacterial cleanser specifically designed for realistic sex dolls, a vaginal irrigator for a thorough cleaning, a bottle-cleaning brush for smaller crevices, a soft sponge for gentle cleaning, and non-linting white cotton sheets to pat away excess water without leaving fibers on the doll's skin.

When cleaning your doll, it's crucial to handle her with care and avoid any accidental slips or drops that could cause damage. Begin by removing the doll's head, which allows easier access to clean the neck and upper torso areas. Gently flip the doll upside down and clean the interior cavities, such as the vaginal and anal openings, using the vaginal irrigator and the antibacterial cleanser. Be sure to rinse these areas thoroughly to remove any residue. When washing the doll's skin with a sponge, be gentle to prevent any skin damage, and avoid using hot water, as it can lead to material degradation.

After cleaning, pat the doll's skin dry with the non-linting white cotton sheets to avoid leaving fibers on the surface. Ensure the doll is completely dry before storing her to prevent mold or mildew growth. It's essential to store your sex doll in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, to maintain her quality and appearance.

Cleaning your sex doll may seem challenging at first, but with practice and the right tools, you will become more adept at it. Regular cleaning not only ensures the hygiene and safety of your intimate experiences but also contributes to preserving the doll's overall condition, allowing you to enjoy a lifelike and pleasurable experience with your cherished companion for years to come.

TLDR: Proper cleaning of your sex doll is crucial for maintaining hygiene, preventing bacterial growth, and preserving the doll's longevity. Having the right tools and following a careful cleaning routine will help ensure that hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleaned, and the doll's skin remains in good condition. By handling the doll with care during the cleaning process and avoiding harsh practices such as using hot water or rough scrubbing, you can prevent damage to the doll's material. Regular cleaning and maintenance not only guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience but also protect your investment, allowing you to cherish and enjoy the companionship of your sex doll for years to come. With practice and attentiveness, the cleaning process will become more manageable, ensuring that your beloved sex doll remains a delightful and fulfilling partner in your intimate moments.

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Question 5: How To Avoid Damaging Your Sex Doll?

To ensure your sex doll remains in pristine condition and lasts for an extended period, it's crucial to be aware of what to avoid. If your doll is made of TPE, preventing exposure to extreme heat is paramount. Placing the doll near a heater, leaving her in a hot car, or exposing her to direct sunlight for extended periods can lead to irreparable damage. TPE is sensitive to high temperatures and may deform, melt, or become discoloured under such conditions. It's essential to store your doll in a cool, dry place when not in use, away from any heat sources.

Another critical aspect to avoid is using oils or lubricants that may damage the doll's skin. Certain oils, including baby oil, erotic body oils, and silicone-based lubricants, can cause staining on the doll's material. These stains can be difficult or even impossible to remove, negatively impacting the doll's appearance and overall aesthetics. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with your sex doll, use only water-based lubricants, as they are less likely to cause any adverse effects on the doll's skin.

In addition to heat and incompatible lubricants, it's essential to be gentle when handling and positioning your sex doll. Again, avoid putting excessive pressure on her joints, especially when changing positions or posing the doll. Mishandling or dropping the doll can lead to tears, cuts, or other forms of damage that may compromise her structural integrity. By being mindful of these factors and following proper care guidelines, you can avoid damaging your sex doll and continue to relish a satisfying and long-lasting companionship with her.

TLDR: Safeguarding your realistic sex doll from potential damage is paramount to ensure her longevity and optimal performance. Regardless of whether your doll is made of TPE or silicone, avoiding exposure to extreme heat, direct sunlight, or heat sources is crucial. TPE dolls, in particular, demand extra care in this regard due to their susceptibility to damage in high-temperature conditions. Furthermore, using compatible lubricants like water-based ones is vital to prevent staining and deterioration of the doll's skin. Practicing gentle handling and avoiding excessive pressure on her joints will prevent wear and tear, ultimately preserving her appearance and functionality. By adopting these preventive measures and adhering to proper care guidelines, you can protect your investment and continue enjoying the intimate companionship and satisfaction your sex doll brings for many years to come.

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Question 6: How To Change Your Sex Doll’s Appearance?

One of the significant advantages of owning a sex doll is the opportunity to change her appearance and introduce exciting variety into your experiences. There are several creative ways to achieve this and bring a fresh and dynamic aspect to your doll. One simple method is to change her wig or experiment with various hairstyles. With the help of hot styling tools like a hairdryer, straightener, or curling iron, you can easily transform her look and give her different personas. There are numerous hair tutorial videos available online that cater to different skill levels, allowing you to explore and master various hairstyles to suit your preferences. Instead of brunette hair, maybe you could try switching it up with blonde hair.

Additionally, exploring different makeup looks can significantly alter your doll's appearance. Whether you want a glamorous smoky eye or a more natural makeup style, you have the freedom to experiment and get creative. You can also play with blush placements to add a touch of rosy warmth to her cheeks or try adjusting her eyebrows to create subtle but impactful changes. When applying makeup to your sex doll, it's best to use powder-based products, as creams, lotions, and oils might be challenging to work with and may cause staining. Powder-based makeup is easier to manage and can be gently brushed off after use, leaving your doll's skin clean and ready for the next transformation.

Moreover, you can enhance your doll's appearance by exploring different clothing styles. Most life-sized sex dolls can fit into standard clothing sizes, making it easy to dress her in various outfits to suit any occasion or fantasy. Shopping for different clothing styles from various stores allows you to completely revamp your doll's wardrobe, giving her a wide range of looks, from casual to elegant, and everything in between. Changing your sex doll's appearance not only keeps things exciting and fresh but also offers a chance for personal expression and creativity, enabling you to connect with your doll on a deeper level and customize her to perfectly complement your desires and fantasies.

TLDR: The ability to change your sex doll's appearance is a remarkable advantage that adds a sense of excitement and variety to your experiences. By experimenting with different wigs and hairstyles, you can easily transform your doll's look and create diverse personas to suit your preferences. Exploring various makeup looks allows for further customization, whether you desire an alluring smoky eye or a more natural and fresh appearance. The use of powder-based makeup ensures easy application and prevents staining, maintaining the doll's pristine appearance. Additionally, dressing your doll in different clothing styles opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to reinvent her style and create the perfect look for any scenario or fantasy. By embracing these creative avenues, you can establish a deeper connection with your sex doll, fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving relationship that enriches your intimate encounters and ensures an exhilarating and fulfilling companionship.

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Question 7: Can You Take Your Sex Doll Swimming?

While there are certain activities that you can engage in with your sex dolls, such as bathing or swimming, it is important to exercise caution to avoid damaging the doll. When taking your doll for a swim or a bath, make sure to avoid submerging her head under the water, as this can cause smudging or other forms of damage. Most dolls are not designed to be fully waterproof, and water exposure to the doll's head and neck area can lead to potential issues with the internal components, such as the internal skeleton or the joints.

Additionally, be mindful of the water temperature, especially if your doll is made of materials that have limited heat resistance, such as TPE. It's crucial to ensure that the water temperature is lukewarm to warm, but never hot, to prevent any material deformation or warping. Extreme heat can have adverse effects on TPE dolls, leading to changes in the doll's shape and texture, which could result in irreversible damage.

Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid swimming with your doll in seawater or any water with high salt content. Seawater's salt concentration can be harsh on the doll's skin and metal skeleton, potentially leading to corrosion and accelerated wear. If your doll comes into contact with seawater accidentally, be sure to rinse her thoroughly with fresh water as soon as possible to remove any salt residue and prevent any potential long-term damage.

TLDR: While it may be tempting to take your sex doll for a swim or a bath, it's essential to be cautious and considerate of the doll's materials and construction. Avoid submerging her head, be mindful of water temperature, and steer clear of swimming in seawater to ensure that your sex doll remains in optimal condition and continues to provide you with enjoyable and satisfying experiences for a long time.

Question 8: What Are Some Of The Best Sites To Buy Sex Dolls From?

When purchasing a sex doll, choosing the right vendor is of utmost importance to ensure a smooth and satisfying buying experience. While the market offers numerous options, it's essential to be cautious, as some vendors may sell counterfeit products or misrepresent their dolls. Since sex dolls are a significant investment, conducting thorough research on potential sellers is vital. Look for reputable websites that offer genuine products and have a track record of delivering high-quality dolls that match their advertised descriptions. SxDolled is one such reputable vendor that you can trust to deliver quality service and sex dolls throughout your whole journey.

One crucial factor to consider is the vendor's shipping and return policies. Reliable websites should provide clear and transparent information about their shipping process, estimated delivery times, and any associated costs. Additionally, a vendor with a customer-friendly return policy is an advantage, as it gives you peace of mind and recourse in case you encounter any issues with your purchase.

To help potential buyers make informed decisions, comprehensive reviews, and customer feedback play a valuable role. Look for websites with a substantial number of positive reviews from satisfied customers, as this indicates the vendor's reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Online communities, forums, and social media platforms can be valuable resources for gathering real-world experiences and insights from other sex doll enthusiasts.

TLDR: By being diligent and selective in your search for reputable vendors, you can increase the likelihood of obtaining a high-quality and authentic sex doll that meets your expectations. Remember, investing time in researching and selecting the right vendor is an essential step toward ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience with your new companion.

Question 9: What To Look For When Buying a Sex Doll For The First Time?

When venturing into the world of sex doll ownership for the first time, it's essential to look beyond just the vendor's reputation and consider other crucial factors to find the perfect match for your desires and lifestyle. Whether you're after male sex dolls or female dolls, understanding the differences between the materials used in modern realistic sex dolls, such as silicone and TPE, is a fundamental aspect of making an informed decision. Silicone dolls offer durability, a firmer feel, and excellent heat resistance, but they generally come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, TPE dolls provide a softer and more flexible texture, mimicking human skin's suppleness, and are typically more budget-friendly. Each material has its care requirements, and knowing how to properly maintain your chosen doll is vital for its longevity and continued satisfaction.

Size and weight are practical considerations that shouldn't be overlooked. While real life sex dolls provide a more realistic experience, they can be quite heavy, and maneuvering them may require some physical effort. If you have mobility issues or anticipate difficulty lifting heavy objects, consider a torso-only option or a smaller-sized doll might be more suitable for you. Moreover, contemplate the available storage space in your home, as life-sized dolls may require a dedicated area when not in use.

Taking advantage of customization options can also enhance your experience. Reputable vendors often offer a variety of choices, such as different body types, facial features, hair colour, and eye colour. Creating a custom sex doll according to your preferences allows you to create a more intimate and satisfying connection with your new companion, making her unique to you.

TLDR: By carefully evaluating the material, size, weight, and customization options, you can find the perfect sex doll that aligns with your desires and lifestyle. Thorough research and consideration of these factors will ensure a rewarding and enjoyable experience with your first sex doll, setting the foundation for a fulfilling and long-lasting companionship.

To avoid inferior sex dolls, check out our article "identifying and avoiding inferior quality sex dolls".

Question 10: How To Safely Get Rid Of Old Sex Dolls?

When the time comes to part ways with your sex doll, responsible disposal is essential to ensure environmental consciousness and ethical considerations. Instead of carelessly discarding the doll, there are meaningful and sustainable ways to handle it. One option is to sell your old sex doll at a reduced price. Many enthusiasts or collectors may be interested in purchasing pre-owned dolls, especially if they are still in good condition. Selling the doll allows you to recoup part of your initial investment and gives someone else the opportunity to enjoy and cherish the doll.

Another ethical choice is to donate the sex doll for charitable purposes. Some organizations or individuals may use sex dolls for educational or artistic purposes, or for raising awareness about certain issues. Donating the doll can contribute to a meaningful cause and provide value to others, even if it no longer meets your personal needs.

If selling or donating the doll is not possible, there are safe and creative ways to discard it. For instance, some recycling facilities may accept sex dolls made from recyclable materials like TPE or silicone. Proper recycling ensures that the doll's materials are reused or disposed of responsibly, minimizing environmental impact.

TLDR: Ultimately, the goal is to avoid adding to waste and to consider how your old sex doll can continue to serve a purpose to someone else. By exploring selling, donating, or recycling options, you can make an ethical choice for the disposal of your sex doll while promoting a sustainable and considerate approach to its lifecycle.

More methods from "top 3 methods to dispose of your used sex doll".

Final Thoughts

In today's digital era, finding reliable and in-depth information about sex dolls can be challenging, with forums often lacking coherence and organization. Our blog addresses this issue by offering a reputable source that comprehensively covers ten frequently asked questions about life size sex dolls. We aim to equip potential buyers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions when purchasing their first sex doll. From understanding the factors that contribute to the higher cost of modern sex dolls to knowing the differences between silicone and TPE dolls and how to properly care for and maintain them, our articles provide valuable insights for a satisfying and long-lasting companionship with these lifelike creations.

Additionally, we emphasize the importance of responsible disposal options for old sex dolls, promoting ethical and sustainable approaches such as selling, donating, or recycling. By providing practical advice on handling, cleaning, and personalizing sex dolls, as well as highlighting potential limitations and precautions, our blog aims to empower readers to make the most of their intimate experiences while preserving the longevity and quality of their beloved companions. We strive to be a trusted resource, offering organized and reliable information that enhances the journey of exploring and owning a sex doll.

At SxDolled, our goal is to make your shopping experience as stress-free and convenient as possible. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we are committed to helping our customers make informed decisions about their purchases and providing support and assistance throughout the entire shopping process. We're also always happy to share insightful information and help you identify the perfect sex doll for you.

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